At Trinity we put Mission at the centre of our church’s life. It’s what we do and who we are. We believe we have a missionary purpose as a community of God’s people in Barnstaple to help people come to faith in Jesus and get saved and live as disciples of Christ. As part of that we want to bless the community where we live by serving those in need.

We long to do all we can to make that possible. Partly that’s about encouraging each other to see ourselves as missionaries so that we take personal opportunities wherever they exist to witness and to share God’s love in practical ways.

We also do it by having a network of Mission Groups which we call “HUBS”. These are groups that have a mission focus, alongside fellowship and support.  Typically, they have something they “do” or organise and also meet as small groups for prayer, Bible study and planning. These are like house groups except that they have a clear mission focus.

We know that a lot happens in our church “under the radar”, that is never formally recognised. We encourage each other to live missionally, to connect with friends, to get involved in what happens in the community and to do this intentionally  to bring the reality of Jesus to a broken world.

Follow this link for more information on each of our Hubs 


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