Alpha is a relaxed and low-pressure environment in which to explore the big questions of life through the lens of the Christian faith. It’s designed for those who are exploring and questioning; it’s for the cynics, the sceptics and the open-minded. Each week a 25 minute “TED” style presentation will be given, on various different topics, with an opportunity for open, honest debate afterwards in a small group. 

Alpha has been run all over the world in churches, pubs, prisons & homes where millions and millions of people have loved taking part.

The next Alpha at Trinity starts on Friday 27th January from 7.30 pm to 9.30 pm and will run for 10 weeks.  The evening will start with drinks and cake. 

Please come and join us! Contact us in the church office or call our vicar Simon May on 01271 344321. 

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