Room Service

At Trinity we welcome people of all ages to be part of the church family.  We also realise there are some older people who are no longer able to get to church and Room Service is a  Hub that aims to take Christian worship into Sheltered Housing schemes and Residential Care Homes, especially those within the parish of Holy Trinity: regular monthly services are held at Barum Court, Medard House, Ebberly Care Home, Magdalene Lawn and Clayfield Care Home.  



An annual “Holiday at Home” is held towards the end of August, and this has grown in popularity each year as it provides three days of activity, fun and company mainly for older people who may feel lonely during the summer when others can get away on holiday.  Many Trinity Church members young and old volunteer to run activities such as crafts, gentle exercise, quizzes, sing-a-longs, preparing delicious lunches and refreshments, leading a “Thought for the Day” and much more.  For the new people we meet there is the chance to continue our friendships at the weekly coffee morning on a Tuesday.

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