About Us

At Trinity we seek to be a church of followers of Jesus Christ who are living for Him in all that we think, feel, speak and do. We believe in the authority of Scripture, and we are open to the leading a prompting of the Holy Spirit.

Living life to the full with Jesus(John 10:10)

Four key areas of engagement for us at Trinity are:

Worship – Belonging – Service - Reaching out

Worship - We believe worship is all that we do for the Lord, not just singing songs. The Lord wants us to love and worship Him and love Him “……with all of our heart, soul, mind and strength….” (Luke 10:27) We want to grow in our love of worshipping the Lord personally and corporately. We want our worship times to be full of the presence of the Holy Spirit – to be supernaturally natural and naturally supernatural!

Belonging - We believe that the Lord want us to be deeply bonded together in a community of love and faith with Jesus at the centre. We belong by attending church worship meetings, joining discipleship triplets and Connect groups and going deeper in love and fellowship with one another (Eph 4:15,16). We want to grow in our hospitality and generosity and for these to be key hallmarks of our belonging together.

Service - As Christians we are called to serve God by using our gifts and talents in a variety of ways to support our local church and the wider community. We grow deeper in our relationships as we serve alongside one another. Serving others is serving Jesus and we want to work on this with other churches as we seek to be a community of blessing. We want our attitude to serving to be inspired by the life of Jesus (Phil 2: 1-16)

Reaching out - We believe that following Jesus means sharing the good news as we proclaim the gospel and demonstrating care and compassion towards others through our actions. We are called by the Lord (Matt 28:18-20) to be those who seek to lead others to faith in Christ, make disciples and grow together in discipleship.

This PCC supports the view held by the current incumbent and clergy team, which is to not allow the blessing or affirmation of same-sex relationships (including any prayers or ceremonies) at Holy Trinity Church, Barnstaple (including the buildings and site) in keeping with the biblical and orthodox Christian belief (and stated in Canon Law) that marriage is ‘the union of one man with one woman’.

Meet the Team

Revd. Paul taylor


Shirley Paterson

Revd. Shirley Paterson

Associate Minister

Mike King



Sharon Blyth

Steve Bunce


Robin Smith


Linda Pinfold

Children & Families Worker

Youth Worker (appointment pending)

Lynn Hopwood

Schools Worker

Margie Nobbs


Rachel Keenan


Julie Griffin



Worship Coordinator

Helen Corfe

Pastoral Care Coordinator


Babies, Weddings & Funerals

We are very happy to chat with you about plans for weddings, funerals or for a thanksgiving service or baptism for a child, including information about costs. Our office is open from Monday to Friday, 9am to 1pm – 01271 374240 or email us at office@trinitybarnstaple.org.uk