About Us

We believe we exist as a church so that

  • others find Christ and are discipled,
  • God is worshipped,
  • the needs of the poor are met,
  • we are part of a welcoming Christian family,
  • we can become more like Jesus, and
  • so that we can follow a particular purpose to work and pray for revival in Barnstaple – alongside other followers of Jesus in North Devon – by actively making disciples and serving those in need.

We value

  • people coming to faith,
  • a strong sense of community and support,
  • growth so that we can be more effective,
  • intimacy with God (ie a rich devotional life),
  • worship that engages the heart and opens us up to the Holy Spirit,
  • a strong connection with the community,
  • coming alongside people who are going through difficult times,
  • being rooted in the Bible,
  • prayer being at the heart,
  • being multigenerational,
  • working with other Christians,
  • teamwork, and
  • a culture of welcoming.

Meet the Team

Revd. Paul taylor


Shirley Paterson

Revd. Shirley Paterson

Associate Minister

Mike King



Sharon Blyth

Steve Bunce


Sharon Blyth

Schools & Families

Mike King

Youth Worker


Morag Evans

Lighthouse Leader

Rachen Keenan


Julie Griffin

Assistant Administrator

Margie Nobbs


Val Wilson


Babies, Weddings & Funerals

We are very happy to chat with you about plans for weddings, funerals or for a thanksgiving service or baptism for a child, including information about costs. Our office is open from Monday to Friday, 9am to 1pm – 01271 374240 or email us at office@trinitybarnstaple.org.uk